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Saturday, 03 April 2010 09:37

The First Car, the one that started it all

How can anyone not be interested in cars. My first car was a 1971 Plymouth Duster I bought off my uncle for $300. It was a slant 6 automatic which I completely overhauled. The final product had a 318 V8 and pistol grip four speed. I replaced everything from brakes to seats. The only thing original was the back seat. Being a student I was on a tight budget but still put all my money and time into this vehicle and after all my hard work ended up sending it to the crusher. Now the four speed alone is worth $2000. What a waste.

And then it got interesting

After graduating from Electrical Engineering at UBC in 1990 and having a full time job at SmarTire Systems, I finally had some money to spend on vehicles. I purchased a 1983 Porsche 944. It was red with black leather interior. These are very nice cars but expensive to fix and a car that old had a lot of things go wrong. It was a little under powered (I would definitely buy a Turbo) but it handled great.

In 1993 I purchased a 1991 Dodge Stealth RT Twin Turbo. This is a killer machine. It has a 320HP Twin Turbo 3L V6, four wheel drive, four wheel steering, and four wheel anti-lock brakes. It is also red with black leather interior. You can switch from soft suspension to hard with the press of a button and can quietten the exhaust with the flick of a switch. It is a performance car but can easily be a daily driver. Although it has lots of horse power the shear weight of the car can be felt. I therefore have made a few modifications. I have installed a K&N Filter injection kit, a Borla Cat back free flow exaughst system, a HKS Super blow off valve, and a GReddy Profec electronic boost controller. I figure it must be up to 380 HP by now.

My Step into the world of Audi

In 2007 I purchased an 2001 Audi S8 from a co-worker.This is a high performance luxury car. Its 4.2L V8 pumps out 370HP and redlines at 7000RPM. It has a 5 speed triptronic transmission that has a manual mode. Unlike other car I have driven, the manual mode in this tranny lets you push the car to red line before it will shift to a higher gear so you can definitely drive in this mode and extract the full potential of the car.This vehicle is my daily driver.

And back to Dodge I go

In 2010 I ordered a 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 6 speed. This is going to be my weekend fun car and I plan to make a lot of modifications. Actually, I already have a MBRP Exhaust system, K&N cold air intake, Eibach lowering kit, and a Predator tuner for this vehicle and I do not even have the car yet. I guess at this point I am a little obsessed. The car arrived on May 29 and the first mods were done on day one. For more information on this cars history check my Challenger section.

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