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Sunday, 08 May 2011 07:36
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Friday - April 29

With the wiring out of the way it was time to dig into the main install. I drove the car onto ramps to remove the belly pans. I then backed it off and removed the front facia. There are 6 plastic rivets that have to be drilled out that fasten the inner fender panels to the front facia. Care must be taken when drilling these to not allow the entire rivet to spin or you run the risk of melting the panel itself with the head of the rivet, Ask me how I know...

Once these rivets are removed you need to remove two bolts under the panel. You then have to bend the panel out out of the way and reach way inside to reach two more nuts securing the facia. This is a real pain. Then remove the covers/cup holds on the top side, remove the push pins in the facia, and the two top bolts. The facia then pulls off but you must release the lower facia from the fender first. The manual was not clear here. They said you have to pull the lower facia down but you really have to pull it out, perpendicular to the plane of the front wheels. Once these are unsnapped the facia pulls right off. I then removed the bumper shroud and set aside.

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