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Sunday, 08 May 2011 07:36
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Saturday - May 7

Getting close to the finish line. I started the day by installing the boost-a-pump pressure switch and routing the cable from the boost-a-pump wires to the back of this switch.

I then had to modify my engine covers to allow clearance or they can not be re-installed. This was anther job I was not looking forward to.

I then installed the Air intake tube and air cleaner. There is not much room to attach the air cleaner. It took quite some time to get it installed. I am not sure why they did not add another inch or so to the length of this pipe, it would have been much easier to install the air cleaner. I then re-programmed the ECU with the supplied predator tuner. It was then time to refill the coolant system. I installed a fitting and long hose into the water pump bleed fitting and started to re-fill the coolant. Another problem soon arose. The coolant would not flow into the engine. I filled the over flow reservoir right to the top but the fluid would not migrate into the engine. I tried taking the thermostat out hoping that more venting would help, no luck. With no other ideas, I placed my hand over the filler, tried to make an airtight seal, and blew into my hand. Voila, fluid started to flow out of the reservoir and soon came out the bleed hose. I put the plug back in the water pump and topped up the reservoir.

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