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Sunday, 08 May 2011 07:36
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Holding My Breath

Ok, the moment of truth, time to see it would run. I cranked her over and she came to life immediately. There was a strange sound during initial cranking but soon stopped and has not returned. I assumed it was the belts seating for the first time. After letting it idle for a while I checked for leaks from the heater hoses and made sure the temperature gauge was responding which indicated the cooling system probably had no trapped air. I then filled the inter-cooler reservoir and made sure the pump was circulating the coolant. It was then topped up after the car was stopped.

I took the car for a short drive around the block. The throttle response was kind of weird. Its going to take some getting use to. There was also some sounds that were a little strange so I cut the drive short and did some inspection. I could not find any water leaks and the belt looked good. I called it a day.

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