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Sunday, 22 May 2011 06:46
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Open Lapping

Just before lunch we started our first open lapping session. We headed out on the course in a staggered arrangement. We were only allowed to pass in one area so the driving was very safe. Even during passes flag men on the track let us know wen there was someone behind us so we could move over and let them by. The lapping session lasted 30 minutes and was the first time we tackled the driving line on our own. After a few laps I started getting comfortable with most of the sections and my speeds slowly crept up. After being shown the checkered flag it was time for a cool down lap and a debrief session back in the classroom. Allen and Troy were camped out at a few different turns around the course and took notes of all our driving. During the debrief they gave us some pointers on ways to improve our driving line.

After lunch we then met we Stephen Dwornik who was managing the telemetry from the vehicle. These cars had a Motec telemetry system that captures vehicle parameters that were downloaded after each lapping session. Stephen was able to use the Motec software to display our driving habits and also compare them with the fastest student, Kyle Stevens. Below is a sample of the data provided.

After the lunch break we headed out for two more open lapping sessions each followed by a debrief and telemetry analysis. Each session we were allowed to increase the RPMs be 500 and my times got faster each session. My best laps were as follows, session 1: 3:10, session 2: 2:31, session 3: 2:27. After the last open lapping session we were all pretty tired and we called it a wrap. We were all looking forward to the next day.

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