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Sunday, 22 May 2011 06:46
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First Time Out

The first experience on the track was in rental cars. We all hopped in a couple cars where Allen and Troy drove us down the track showing the proper lines to take. They had added pylons on the track to indicate turn in points and turn apex points. This really helped us who were new to this track. After three circuits around Thunderhill, we returned to the pit area where we strapped ourselves into the cars for the first of a few lead follow sessions. We were all lead back out onto the course where we played follow the leader with Allen in the pace car and us all following in single file. This was done at moderate speed and really helped get accustomed to the track lines at the very low viewing position in these cars. It was also the first time getting used to the vehicles gearbox and try out heal toe shifting. During this session we were limited to 3500 RPM.

After this session we went back to the classroom for a short debrief. We then went back to the track for another lead follow session. This time we took turns being behind the lead car. Every two laps we switched position to allow every one a chance to follow directly behind Allen and see the lines he took. The RPMs were also increased and thus speed. After 10 laps of this we returned to the pit area for a short break but then were immediately back out for a third lead follow with yet higher speeds following the same format.

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