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Sunday, 22 May 2011 06:46
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Day 2

We started the second day my walking to track. We drove to each turn and then go out of the rental cars to get a detailed review of the turn and techniques needed to tackle them. It was very interesting listening to both Allen and Troy discuss the lines they take through each corners. Each had a slightly different approach.

After the walk through we strapped ourselves back into our cars for the days first of five open lapping session. The RPMs were further increased to the maximum of 5000. Throughout the day we noticed that the pylons placed on that track started to disappear. By the last session all the pylons were gone and we had to rely on our experience to negotiate the turns. I managed my fastest lap on the second session. I managed a 2:18 lap time. I was pretty consistent, however, lapping between 2:21 and 2:18. Below is a comparison on my first lapping session to my best session. The most interesting is the throttle position . On my best lap I had the throttle pinned a lot whereas my first session you can tell I was very tentative on the throttle.

Here is a comparison with Allen Berg himself in the same car I was driving. More than 13 seconds faster, definitely need more practice and push harder.

Here is a link to some on board video of a lapping session.

On-board Video

By the last lapping session I was quite exhausted. The previous day had taken quite a bit out of me, especially my neck.  The g forces during some turns, especially turn 2, was starting to get quite painful in my neck.

At the end of the school we were provided with 2 USB sticks that contained all the telemetry data from our lapping sessions, and a couple on board videos of our driving. Although I was quite tired and probably could not continue driving I was definitely sorry to leave. I keep reflecting on my techniques and I imagine what I could have done better. I desperately want another try at that tack.

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