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Sunday, 22 May 2011 06:46
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Christmas 2010, I was handed a flat gift from my wife a knew it was going to be something special. Low and behold, it was a reservation for a one day class at Allen Berg racing school, formula package. These are open wheel, carbon fiber monocoque chassis, 5 speed sequential gearbox, 160hp race cars.

Allen Berg offers this school at four different locations, Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Willows CA, and Palm Springs CA. I chose the Willows CA location at the Thunderhill Raceway partially because I was worried about the weather in the other locations (Rain in Canada, and too hot in Palm Springs) but mainly because I found the track layout to be most appealing. Its a long track with high speed turns and some great elevation changes.

I found out that they offered a two day program a decided that if I was going to go all this way for a school I may as well go all out. I upgraded to the two day program and reserved my spot for the May 11, 12 school.

My wife and I flew in to Sacramento and drove up to Willows on May 10th. We arrived at the track at 8am the next morning to meet Allen Berg, his assistant Troy Castaneda, and the other students. After being fitted into a race suit and helmet the first classroom session started where we were informed of a very pleasant surprise. Normally the school has 10 students but this weekend we were supposed to be sharing the track with another group so Allen cut his school down to 5 students. However, the other group never showed up so with only 5 students and the facility all to ourselves we ended up getting twice the track time as what we normally would.

From reading the school's website I was expecting to spend quite some time in the classroom and not get to the track until the afternoon. Well, I was again pleasantly surprised that this was not the case. After spending a short time going over the car's controls, and another short session on heal toe shifting we immediately headed out to the cars. We were fitted into our assigned rides and shown how the safety harnesses work.

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