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Sunday, 08 May 2011 07:36
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Saturday - April 30

I then drove the car back on the ramps to drain the coolant, this is where I ran into my first issue. You must turn the petcock on the radiator to drain the coolant. Well, doing this had no effect, this system would not drain. I drove the car off the ramps in case the front end was too high but that had no effect. In the end I had to remove the lower rad hose from the engine to drain the coolant, and make quite a mess in the process. At this point the vehicle is no longer drivable so it was a lot of pushing my vehicle in at out of my tiny garage from here on out.

I then removed my K&N CAI, which is now for sale if anyone is interested. I then removed the stock intake manifold. I could not unplug the map sensor so I unbolted it and removed it later.

Next the stock heater lines running through the intake valley were removed. The heater line bypass fittings were then assembled and installed, almost. This is where I ran into issue number two. The passenger side block would not insert all the way as it hit the engine block. Luckily I have a milling machine so I milled out a section of this block so it would fully seat. I then installed the replacement heater lines.

Modified Block Heater Blocks Installed

Using an air jigsaw, I cut out the opening for the intake inlet tube. This was real fun. Hacking apart a car with only 3k on it was a little sad.

To keep on with the destruction, I removed the cross brace that needs to be modified to make clearance of the Mamoth intake of the super charger. Using an angle grinder I removed a portion of the brace that holds the wiper motor. I left it off while doing a few other things.

Next was replacement of the spark plugs. I used a set of NGK plugs that are one level cooler than stock. These were gapped to .035 before installing. The plugs that came out were gapped way bigger than 0.035 so I hope the new plugs work as expected.

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