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Sunday, 08 May 2011 07:36
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Thursday - May 5

I had a  friend come over to help install the main super charger. I first had to install the oil filler spout onto the discharge but found that one of the bolt holes was not tapped. So I had to tape up a big portion of the discharge and tap this hole and carefully remove all the swarf. The oil filler spout was then installed.

We then made our first attempt at installing the super charger, this did not go so well. The by-pass valve vacuum diaphragm hit the cross member. I removed the diaphragm temporarily and continued. I then noticed the mamoth intake tube was hitting the cross member as well. We had to pull the super charger out enough to allow removal of the cross member for more modifications. We re-installed and attempt number two started. Well the supercharger fit but the clearance with the cross member was under 1mm, so out it came again. The third and final attempt was successful. The belt pulleys were then installed. You first install the mounting plate that goes around the super charger output shaft and is bolted to the water pump. The pulleys were then installed to this plate. Unfortunately, the lower pulley standoff would not fit, it hit the driver side heater house block. These parts have been a real pain. We had to modify the one standoff to clear the block. After solving this the belt was finally installed. This was another pain, it was real tight. When we finally got it installed the tensioner was at its maximum deflection. I sure hope the belt is not too tight.

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